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Meet our team

Peter Howe

Chairman and C.E.O

Peter Howe started Howe Promotional Services in 1999 after spending 19 years in the retail and corporate world. Peter created Howe Group in 2003 together with his business partner. Also creating Howe Promotion Works Pty Ltd and Clucky Ducks Pty Ltd. Peter has a strong background in company leadership, general management, national procurement and sales, operations, and relationship management, leading several companies in their Sales and Marketing programs. In 2003, Peter and Sam ventured to the USA, since then, Peter has grown the reach and network of the Howe Group company. Peter has suppliers and clients in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and of course Oceania. Peter has an open door policy, please contact him for any further information you may require at

Peter Howe

Oliver Matthees

Chairman and C.E.O. of MMC Hong Kong Sourcing Consultancy Ltd./MMC Hkg Food & Beverage Retail Ltd.

Mr. Oliver Matthees started MMC Hong Kong which stands for Marketing Manufacturing Cooperation in 2007. Before doing so Mr. Oliver Matthees has a long Retail background and has worked 14 years for Metro Group (in Germany and Shanghai.). Oliver has set up the Regional Buying office of Tchibo Merchandising Shanghai and acted as China Country Manager. Oliver moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong in 2008 where he was heading the Asian Buying Operation of Brandloyalty responsible for Hong Kong, Shanghai and New Delhi. In 2012 joined the Manufacturing sector and joined a Chinese IPO company called Yotrio Group as Global Marketing and Sales Director.

MMC Hong Kong Ltd. is currently operating in Consulting, Export, Sourcing, Buying, Hospitality, Medical Care, Food & Beverage and Commodities.

Established 29th November 2016 MMC and Howe Group set up a new company MMC HG Hong Kong Commodities Group Ltd. in Soho/Central Hong Kong.

Peter and Oliver will both act as CO Managing Directors, with over 30 year experience together, and build MMC HG Hong Kong Commodities Group Ltd. together in order to serve Global customers from Hong Kong.

In case of any requirement/further questions or anything else please kindly contact Oliver at: or Skype: olimmc or Https://

Sales Consultants

Mr. Abraham Rockferry

North American Sales Consultant

Abe has been working with the Howe Group on several interesting projects for the last twelve years. Abe brings to the Howe Group a wealth of experience in the Americas and Asia through Government, Wholesale and Film . Abe background is in the film and wholesale industries at a very senior level and as partner consultant to Howe Group. Abe will oversee our wholesale markets, retail and commodity markets and film divisions . Abe is approachable, easy going and has an open door policy. Abe is vital part of the senior team.

Mr. Raj Joon

International Consultant

Raj has come to Howe Group with a working relationship of 3 years, Raj represents Howe Group in the Middle East and India. Raj works with several governments and Royal families through our teams in this region. Raj is an expert in procurement and sales of commodities and wholesale items. Raj is rich in knowledge of all services he presents. Raj is approachable, trustworthy and a high skilled negotiator. Raj has a keen eye for detail, and is direct, and executes without delay. Raj is a senior member of the Howe Group team.

Mr. David Morley

Russian Sales Consultant

David joins our team, originally from the UK, and has spent the last 25 years working with his own company in Russia. David is an expert in procurement and is a wealth of ability and experience in the senior Howe Group team. David has many relationships globally and he crosses over to various areas within Howe Group, such as China, Middle East and South America, and of course his homeland the United Kingdom. David is a professional that is down to earth, logical and knows how to close. We welcome David into the Howe Group team, and look forward to working together with our clients and suppliers.

Ms Gu Qun

Asian Consultant

Our consultant Looks after Asia , and is highly experienced global procurement and sales expert. Qun looks after our highest level clients in Asia and across the globe.

Qun ( Pronounced as Trin) is professional, and executes due diligence in a professional and efficient manner, each time , every time. Ms Gu Qun brings over ten years of international trade experience

to the Howe Group team, and is a vital member.

Nancy Mendoza

Sales Consultant Philippines

Nancy Mendoza, a registered nurse and been in health industry for 20 years particularly in the Philippines, Ireland and Australia. She is originally from the Philippines and value teamwork to achieve ultimate goal.

Nancy brings to Howe Group a great connection with the export and commodities market in Asia particularly in the Philippines. Howe Group has just started looking in this country for Dairy products, Meat, Rice, Soy beans and Corn.

Chie's skills include:

  • Creating a subsidiary company here in the Philippines

  • Coordinating with marketing, advertising and importer companies

  • Work in our teams, under pressure of deadlines, in changing situations.

  • Verification of custom documents (Import-Export)

  • Coordination of the Freight Forwarder Companies ,Customs Agencies

Mr. Andy Metzler

Sales Consultant

Switzerland / Germany

Mr. Andy Metzler is a senior member of the Howe Group team, Andy brings a wealth of experience into our group. Andy has a network that spans globally, Andy is a true professional and a very valuable member of the Howe Group team. Andy is a procurement and sales expert. Andy and Howe group have enjoyed a six year relationship, and Andy is a great people person, and an open door policy.

Ms. Giuli Gallo

Italian Sales Consultant

Giuli has been working with Howe Group and comes to Howe Group recommended by our Asian Consultant. Giuli has many years of experience in the whole Food and Beverage industries. Giuli is an efficient and hard working professional. Giuli is quick , responsive , intelligent, and eager for customer satisfaction. Giuli is a senior member of our team, and has an open door to clients and suppliers alike.

Mr Pepi Corporente AKA VM

Business Development Manager

0411 302 669

Pepi is well known for his high skills in operations, logistics and supply chain management. Pepi has a great sense with people, and is a vibrate personality in the senior Howe Group team. Pepi previous background is working in an operational level with Bright Star Logistics and in a national role in operations management for Vodafone. Pepi is an essential part of the Howe Group international procurement team.

Ms Juliana De Leo

Brazilian Sales and Procurement Consultant

Juliana brings to Howe Group a great connection with the agricultural market in Brazil, where Howe Group does much of its international sourcing of products. Juliana is our on the ground, at the pulse facilitator, with strong connection in the Chamber of commerce in Brazil, Juliana is able to assist with presenting a total assurance with suppliers and customers alike, with a thorough knowledge of the markets.

Jane YiSouthern China Sales Manager

Guangzhou, China

Skype: janewater1

Our teammates are highly efficient and both detailed and thorough in our handling. By working with our individual professionals, you are making sure your orders be worry-free. And, importantly, we are here, together with your business growing, not only for today, but also for tomorrow, and tomorrow's tomorrow... Our passionate professionals are spending efforts in finding quality factories operating at low cost for you to work with. And, we are, constantly, looking for ways to cut down costs for you. When working with Designers, we effortlessly gather extra info and provide recommendations for you to develop your product at the lowest cost possible while helping you achieve utmost of the design effects.

Mr Sunji Achilihu

African Business Development Consultant

Sunji is an expert in fuel resourcing and procurement of many commodities and whole and food and beverages. Sunji is a consultant in this area, and comes well recommended by our Asian Consultant. With Sunji's addition, he brings a high level of skill in this market with his Industry and government experiences.

Sales Managers

Jonathan (Jonny) Paterakis

Business Development Manager

Having spent several years in the sporting goods and retail markets category, I have developed a solid grasp of customers wants and needs. This knowledge along side my strong people skills, allows me to fulfill customer requests and requirements with ease.



Export and Procurement Manager - Thailand

Ms Phusanisa has spent the last 6 years in export development, logistics and procurement. With experience in international retail and wholesale distribution. Phusanisa brings a knowledge of the market in Thailand and is a valuable member of the Howe Group Team.

Mr Kanadi Joseph

Procurement and Sales manager

Kanadi has spent the last ten years working in the Sales and Procurement field. Kanadi is a highly skilled procurement specialist in domestic and international sourcing products, and sales management. Kanadi works with many contacts on the ground in the Middle East. Kanadi also speaks 5 languages and gets the job done. Kanadi comes to Howe group with a great background in the industry, sprouting from Paskal fabrics, Kanadi worked as their Sales manager. We believe we will share in a great journey, we feel Kanadi adds alot to the Howe Group team.

Ms. Bella Dong

Business Development Manager

South China - Guangzhou

Phone: +86 15013166303

Bella came to Howe Group three years ago, assisting us in the retail product sourcing, Bella is great with relationship management and is efficient in follow up and attention to detail. Bella is also good at making connections and a people person. Bella will be happy to assist our Howe Group Clients in fulfilling solutions

Ms. Juliana Ordoñez Castro


Juliana brings to Howe Group a great connection with the export and commodities market in Colombia. Howe Group has only just started looking in this region for Coffee, chocolate, meat, and fruit and vegetables.

Juliana's skills include skills

- Overseeing of international sales and purchasing.

- Work in our teams, under pressure of deadlines, in changing situations.

- Verification of custom documents (Import-Export)

- Coordination of the Freight Forwarder Companies ,Customs Agencies.

- managing financial and Import and export budgets

We are all very happy with the support Juliana brings, and welcome her to our team.


Mr. Luka Pilipovic

Operations Officer

Luka comes to Howe Group as our intern operations officer, Luka is a great facilitator, and is always on point, hardworking, and makes sure that our people are organised and have what they need with paperwork, and processes

Daniel Howe

Visual Artist and Story Board Designer - Creative

Daniel Howe, a professional Visual Artist, Writer, Copy writer currently working on a Netflix production with Hollywood producers. LIHG productions and Nominees. Daniel was discovered via Vents and A&R Factory, both of which are media publications in the United Kingdom, as a Hip-Hop artist (Prymal). Daniel has been asked to work on the movie score, and has contributed excellent suggestions and given valuable input. LIHG Productions and Nominees are very keen to watch Daniels writing abilities blossom in the coming years, Daniel is part of the external LIHG Productions and nominees team, as he works remotely at this stage.

Daniel is a talented and hard working individual with a keen eye for detail and order, Definitely a prospect whom is ambitious, loyal and is hardworking, Daniel is that person, he possess a wide array of skills across the board of the arts, from Design ,Communications Marketing Writing, and Song Writing. Daniel will show you he s reliable and an excellent future employee, looking forward to discussing with you shortly.