Products and commodities

Howe Group trades in commodities ranging from 

Hard Durham Wheat, Soft Wheat, Yellow Corn, Barley, Soya Bean, Soya Bean Meal, Rice, Sugar, Lentils, Mung Beans

Fuel and resources

Petroleum Coke Coal, Jet Fuel, Liquid Natural Gas, Copper Scrap, other commodities 

Fruit and Vegetables

With access to farms in Canada, USA and South America, Asia and Australia
We service all classes of trade

Meat exporters with CIQ approved facilities and CNCA authorisations
With all cuts

All Poultry products

Milk Powders and dairy products

Finest choices of the world’s seafood

Australian Baby formula 

Australian and New Zealand Wines

And various other beverages , Water, Juices 

Large range of Australia and international Grocery items